Review of Severed Echoes by Entrada Book Reviews

a suspenseful psychological ride

Award-winning author of historical and crime fiction D.V. Chernov is cementing his place in the suspense and mystery niche. Severed Echoes, a Nick Severs Mystery, is earning praise and winning five-star reviews. The thrilling mystery will keep readers anxiously turning pages, and the unexpected plot twists and turns will keep everyone guessing until the last page.

Pine Lake is a small town in Colorado and Lisa Benoche’s suicide is not what it seems. The town is about to experience all of the horrors that go with murder, the first one residents have seen in years. Nick Severs is a rookie detective with a dark past. Little does he know that his past is about to find him again.

As Nick digs into the motives surrounding her death, including forays into the world of high-tech. A female hacker group is setting its sights on him. What does this mean for his future as Pine Lake’s first and only detective and will his career suddenly end before it really gets started?

Set against the majestic backup of the Rocky Mountains, Severed Echoes takes a look at high-tech crimes and the price some people are willing to pay. The suspects are not your normal run-of-the-mill shady characters and may have you rooting for their innocence or at the very least identifying with their motives.

Severed Echoes is a suspenseful psychological ride. With well-developed characters and a plotline that will keep you guessing, the detective novel is one you’re not going to want to put down.


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