Review of Nick Severs Mysteries Series by The Prairies Book Review

Review of Severed Echoes and Cold Trace

Remarkably penetrating and humane; a winding literary mystery series.

Chernov’s foray into the realm of fiction kicks off with these heart-racing, captivating mysteries featuring the efficient Detective Nick Severs. In sleepy Pine Lake, Colorado, ex-cop Nick Severs is no stranger to death. When he discovers 25-year-old Lisa Benoche’s lifeless body, his gut tells him it’s not a straightforward suicide. Despite the coroner’s dismissal, Nick can’t shake the eerie details of the crime scene and unsettling secrets hidden beneath Lisa’s polished exterior. As tension mounts and personal demons resurface, one thing is clear: nothing is as it seems in Pine Lake. The discovery of a frozen body in the aftermath of a Colorado snowstorm thrusts detective Nick Severs into a long-dormant missing child case in the second installment in the series. With his hacker girlfriend Claire by his side, they delve into the treacherous world of child trafficking and cybercrime, where danger lurks at every turn and moral boundaries are blurred. As they navigate this dark underworld, they must make tough decisions and push themselves to their limits in pursuit of justice. The author possesses a keen observational skill throughout the series, seamlessly immersing readers into his vividly depicted world. Both novels excel in creating an unwavering sense of suspense and psychological intrigue, with protagonists Nick and Claire adding depth and complexity to the narrative. Nick’s struggles with recurring nightmares and his strained relationship with Claire are portrayed with authenticity, making his character all the more compelling. Unlike typical thriller protagonists, Nick is refreshingly competent and free from exaggerated flaws. The narrative moves at an irresistible pace, drawing readers in with its masterful plotting. And Chernov’s subtle exploration of themes such as child trafficking, cybercrime adds depth to the story without being heavy-handed. He also offers readers a forbidden peek into the elusive world of hacking, exposing the intricate psychological ploys utilized by hackers to exploit human frailties. A solid mystery series with a skilled detective and authentic sense of place from an up-and-coming author.

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