Characters of Commissar

Commissar is based largely on real historical events and people. Here is a handy reference to who is a real historical person and who is fictional in the novel.

Anna SokolovaCheka agent – fictional
Sergei ZaverinCheka agent – fictional
Anton Egorov Cheka agent – fictional
Colonel BerzinCheka agent – historical
Yakov YurovskyCheka agent – historical
Yakov PetersCheka agent – historical
Felix DzerzhinskyDirector of the Cheka – historical
Moisei UritskyDirector of the Petrograd Cheka- historical
Leon TrotskyRed Army chief – historical
Vladimir LeninSoviet head of state – historical
Boris SavinkovTerrorist, insurrectionist leader – historical
Dora KaplanTerrorist – historical (AKA Fanny Kaplan)
Natalia GoncharovaTerrorist – fictional
Alexander KolchakImperial Navy Admiral – historical
Grigory SemenovCossack Ataman – historical
Victor DemidovImperial Army officer – fictional
Peter VologodskyChairman of the Omsk government – historical
Nestor MakhnoMilitary leader of the Free Territory – historical
William ArdenUS Army Captain – fictional
Raymond RobinsARC Mission director – historical
Ralph Van DemanMilitary Intelligence Section chief – historical
David FrancisUS Ambassador to Russia – historical
Woodrow WilsonUS President – historical
Bruce LockhartSpecial Envoy to Russia – historical
Francis CromieNaval Attaché – historical
Alfred KnoxBritish Army General – historical
Sidney Reilly British SIS agent – historical
Mansfield Smith-CummingHead of the SIS – historical

5 Stars! Highly Recommended!

Commissar deserves a place alongside the best in early 20th century Russian historical fiction."
– Chanticleer Reviews

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